Hi! My name is Daliah! I am new here so this is going to be my first article!

s t y l e

blue, grunge, and tumblr image fashion, grunge, and style image outfit, fashion, and metal image grunge, style, and black image

a e s t h e t i c s

red, lipstick, and aesthetic image grunge, quotes, and sensitive image aesthetic, blue, and dark image rose, aesthetic, and black image
i kind of like any aesthetic but i like the dark ones the most

a n i m a l s

black, and, and white image animals and pink image animal, black, and beautiful image snake, animal, and nature image

l i f e s t y l e

Temporarily removed book, cat, and read image article, netflix, and tv show image before the storm, video, and life is strange image
I programme, read books, watch netflix and play games

p a s s i o n s

drums, music, and vintage image city, travel, and street image art and fairy image Image by K I L L M E
i love playing the drums, traveling, being an activist and reading/watching/writing fantasy.

f a v t v s h o w s

lexa, the 100, and clexa image Image by Amrita Jheeta Abusive image supernatural, metallica, and dean winchester image
the 100 || mr robot || game of thrones || supernatural

m o v i e f a v s

civil war, spiderman, and peter parker image Laura, Marvel, and wolverine image fight club image pulp fiction, music, and song image
cap america: civil war || logan || fight club || pulp fiction

w o r d s

book, quotes, and culture image quotes, words, and ideas image fall out boy, FOB, and Lyrics image fashion style outfit, quotes words text, and makeup haïr hairstyle image

p e r s o n a l i t y

Inspiring Image on We Heart It cat, sarcasm, and quotes image life, quotes, and concert image book, quotes, and words image

m u s i c

halsey, blue, and hair image kurt cobain, nirvana, and vodka image art print, watercolor painting, and watercolor print image twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, and josh dun image blackbear image the nbhd, the neighbourhood, and jesse rutherford image arctic monkeys, alex turner, and music image red hot chili peppers image
halse || nirvana || foo fighters || twenty one pilots || blackbear || the neighborhood || arctic monkeys || red hot chili peppers