Namaste🙏! I'm again writing an article about crushes (although at this point of my life I'm absolutely crushless myself except for celeb crushes...)
These are tricks which have worked for me but indeed you need confidence or they won't work!
There are some old school tricks and some which I have thought of myself. All of the tricks can be used by boys or by girls. I'm just writing from a girl's view.

Let's roll:

1. Keep Eye Contact

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Scene from Love And Other Drugs

Never forget this! This will not only help with your crush but with everyone else around you.
My personal experience: Lots of people thought I was not interested in what they are saying because I always avoided to look into people's eyes( made me uncomfortable). Keeping eye contact means you are interested & this is exactly what you want your crush to know.

2. Smile

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Every smile is beautiful

I'm not telling you to smile all day long or even smile at all when you are not in the mood. If you like someone, however, they make you happy and to show them that that's the way they make you feel you have to give them a smile.
Next time you see them: Look genuinely happy and smile! Even if they are someone you do not know to well they'll keep you in mind.
My personal experience: Lots of guys asked me if I didn't like them. First, I didn't understand because I liked many of them a lot and thought they knew that. The problem was I never smiled at them because of some weird reason. Don't ask me why.
Also girls liked to be smiled at so guys don't be shy!

3. Do some research

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Do some research on your crush. No need to find out his aunt's name. Moderate research. An example is: you found out he likes basketball on Instagram and you like basketball, too. So now you need to give yourself a little push! Walk up to him and just tell them upfront that you saw on their Instagram a picture of them playing basketball and you wanted to ask how good he is. He will definetely like that you are so honest about being interested in his interests.
My personal experience: Peeps, I've never tried this because my interests are very different from others but a friend of mine tried and it worked. It's the example I've given above.

4. Smell good

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Ooh La La

So important! Smelling good makes everyone attractive.This does not only mean putting on lots of perfume but also keeping good mouth hygiene (brushing your teeth of course and always have chewing gum with you) and overall just basic hygiene. If you smell good and are clean and tidy it makes you feel more comfortable in your skin. That will make you more confident and more noticeable. Anyway, many people will feel good around you because you smell gorgeous!

My personal experience: I've always fallen in love with guys who have a statement scent because I recognize it. I want to keep those guys close whose scent I can remember. (That was definitely to much talk about smell)

Now boost your confidence and get you guy or girl!

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Thanks for reading and as always feedback is more than welcome💎