I've read a lot of articles about this challange now and I think it is absolutely amazing!
This is my interpretation of the #thisismechallenge


fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, vans, and outfit image fashion, girl, and outfit image Image by springkg
My style is very simple and clean. Sometimes I wear a leather jacket, other times I'm wearing a floral dress. It's important to Balance between different styles.

2.The Things I would love to wear

beauty, goal, and style image dress, girl, and blue image fashion, girl, and style image dress, red, and fashion image
I would love to be more confident in trying new different styles.


quotes, madness, and neon image sky, clouds, and light image light, girl, and photography image blue, hair, and style image


Image by Remember... travel, plane, and city image book, coffee, and vintage image piano, music, and hands image

5.An Animal

alpaca, smile, and cutie image cute, animal, and baby image
Alpacas. No Explanation needed. Just look at them! So fluffy


food, pizza, and delicious image Inspiring Image on We Heart It food, fruit, and blueberry image food, chocolate, and cake image


girl, tumblr, and smile image girl, icon, and food image girl, pink, and yellow image quotes, myself, and perfect image

8.Dreams and Goals

home and loft image automobile, beauty, and lamborghini aventador image baby, cute, and eyes image wedding, love, and dress image

9.A book

books, jennifer niven, and quotes image
I would really recommend this book. It is absolutely lovely. ^^

10.TV Shows

sherlock, benedict cumberbatch, and sherlock holmes image weird, new girl, and quotes image suits image eat, gilmore girls, and food image
Each one of these shows is so awesome *.*

Thanks for reading. Next time I will post a little bit more about me.
Lots of love