Day 6 - The last book you read

The last books I read was a box series with three books written by a swedish author/dramatist/comedian named Jonas Gardell. The series is called "Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar", which translates to "Never wipe tears without gloves".

The books are based on a true story and describe how it was to live, and come out, as a homosexual in Stockholm 1980. This was the time when HIV and AIDS hit Stockholm, and was first referred to as the "new digger death". Homosexual men who got infected were treated like criminals that only '"had themselves to blame". When they eventually passed away after an endless amount of suffering due to the disease, their bodies were thrown away like waste.

The books revolve around a group of gay men who have formed their own family. You get to follow their journey through sickness and health, until the disease finally gets them. Romance, friendship, humor, sadness, anger and relationships.

In addition to their story there are facts about the living conditions for swedish homosexuals in the 80's. To be honest these facts scared me and made me quite angry. 1980 wasn't that long ago, but the way these poor people were treated disgust me!

If you, like me, are passionate about LGBTQ rights, and know swedish/can find translated copies of these books I highly recommend that you read them.

It makes me hopeful to see how long we've come in just 38 years (at least in Sweden), but we still have a long way to go! I will not give up until everyone is allowed to love and be who they want without being treated differently. This, of course, includes ANYONE within the LGBTQ+ community.

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