There is always a world hiding behind a profile, a universe suppresed under a quote and a life awaiting on its stories.

Instagram has been one of the most used social media apps and websites in the past years, and it's very simple to understand why. It's and easy way to retransmit our lives to our friends, family or even strangers through pictures. And although Instagram has acquiered many new features, its message stays the same. Many people think Instagram is only for those who want fame, but I beliebe otherwise, as there are many types of accounts for different purposes. So here are 8 types of Instagram accounts.

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1. Dogstagram

Yes, you heard right, there is an entire instagram comunity devoted to dogs. Isn't it amazing? These profiles are usually managed by proud dog owners who want to show off their little fluffly balls of love, they post pictures of their dogs throughout their lives, from puppy to dog, and it's the cutest thing ever. I have one of these accounts myself for my dogs, but sadly I started it after loosing all my dog's pictures...

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2. Foodstagram

This is basically an instagram account devoted to food. Most pictures feature an entire course meal, fancy restaurants, snaks and the tastiest stuff you could ever imagine. This account is all about sharing pictures of food and rating every restaurant in town.

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3. Studygram

This one is for those who are focused on studying, either to become the best in their class or to make sure that their future is accessible to them. Studying is not an easy task, which is why this accounts are so motivating. They basically post aesthetically pleasing pictures of their school supplies, amazing stationery and precious handwritten notes...

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4. Bookstagram

This is one my favourites, people posting about the books they read, quotes from their favourite authors, extracts from books they will never write and awesome reviews that will save you so much time. They also do a lot of unboxing from services such as Owlcrate. It's a very nice community where books are given the importance they deserve.

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5. Make up guru

This is it. These are the random videos that pop out on your feed, the videos of beautiful white woman just doing their make up in crazy ways using porducts that don't actually work. Still, you're going to sit and watch every single one, because, how do they get that perfect smokey eye look?

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6. Photography

These are the instagram accounts which basically are made of beautifully taken pictures, either from people or from nature. Most of the time they are from professional photographers and their accounts have hundreds upon hundreds of followers.

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7. Memestagram

Memes, memes everywhere. Captions from tumblr posts, funny memes, rare gems, this is the shitposting accounts everyone is following and that has more followers than your favourite influencer. These are the posts you tag your friends in so they can relate.

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8. Selfies

This is the account that only has seven photos and eight of them are selfies. Selfies with horrible lightning and strange things in the background.

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So... that's it. I hope this article was helpfull of you're looking into making a new instagram account. Also, this was quite fun to make.
- Dahiandra