Jealousy is not good and nothing you should be proud of. I am like the most jealous person on earth and i am not proud of this. Jealousy can be poison for relationships and you will never be happy if you are not able to control jealousy. But everybody can get jealous and that is alright. Here are 10 songs about jealousy.

1. DUELE EL CORAZON - Enrique Iglesias

(This song is not directly about jealousy. The singer is convinced that he can have the girl he is attracted at. He sais that the girl can decide wether she wants to hook up with him or not. The singer is certain that the girl is in love with him. That causes that he is not jealous. You should listen to this song to remind you that jealousy can be very irrational.)

2. Jealous - Labrinth

(This song consists of ennumerations of things the singer is jealous of. He is jealous of the weirdest things like the rain but in a way this song is incredibly touching)

3. Jealous - Nick Jonas

(Nick Jonas admits that he is still jealous eventhough he is having a relationship with the girl he loves. He explains why he is jealous and i can totally identify with him.)

4. Mr. Brightside - The Killers

(Well, I do not have to say a word about song because everyone should know it. It is the most popular song about jealousy i think. I can totally understand this because this song is great.)

5. Dancing on my own - Calum Scott

(This is an extremly touching song. I love it but it is very emotional. It is about a party a boy came to with his crush. During time the crush is kissing a girl and you can feel the singers pain when you are listening to this song.)

6. Jalouse - Mademoiselle K.

(Thats a French song about Jalousy and how much it hurts when you are in love with a person and watch him kissing someone else.)

7. I`m not the only one - Sam Smith

(That is a song about the kind of jealousy you experience when you know that your partner have cheaten on you. But i am sure that you already know this song.)

8. Jolene - Dolly Parton

(WELL EVERYBODY SHOULD KNOW THIS SONG. It is like, the greatest country song. It is very popular and about beign afraid that you are left by a person you deeply love)

9. Treat you better - Shawn Mendes

(Treat you better is a song about beign jealous of the partner of the person you love. Shawn Mendes is singing about the way he would treat a girl he loves. He would treat that girl differently than her boyfriend.)

10. New Man - Ed Sheeran

(This song is great. Just listen to it. It is funny and serious at the same time and it really helps me to deal with jealousy.)