hello friends,

in today's article I'm just showing you how I organize myself while I'm studying.

roses & love for y'all

~ organization tips ~

1. Try to finish your assignments at least 1-2 days before they're due date
school, study, and notes image study, school, and notes image
2. Color code your notes
study and school image flashcards, study, and notes image
3. Use a planner
agenda, purple, and study image bujo and bullet journal image
4. Have a workspace
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~ study tips ~

1. Always take notes
notes, college, and inspiration image college, goals, and inspiration image
2. Flashcards are important
notes and study image flashcards, french, and school image
3. Take breaks
netflix and fonds image coffee, food, and drink image
4. Have all the stuff you need by your side
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that was it friends, I love y'all