Hi everyone! I know it’s only Thursday, but I’ve just decided to throw this article out here today because Hobi Day (aka Hoseok’s birthday) is the 18th (or 17th in KST after a few hours - kinda complicated lol), which is hella soon. I had another article planned, but of course Hoseok is going to beat it out- haha! Anyways, for this article, I am going to share with you guys a few reasons why you should love this little ray of sunshine! Obviously, there are more than what I list, but here are just a few :)

Also, I’m pretty sure he is going to release his mixtape on his birthday, so please stream it, even if you hate k-pop or something, just have it on, even if it’s silent, but I bet ya it will be good, so just give it a listen lol

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1. His Positivity

J-Hope is literally the definition of sunshine, and his stage name has “Hope” in it. He has said that when he decided on his name, he wanted to be ARMY’s source of hope! He is always there for the other members, and always just focuses on the positive side of things!

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2. His Laugh/Smile

I swear to you guys, his laugh is probably contagious or something! It just sounds so (strangely) musical, and it just makes me want to laugh along with him!

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Ft. Min Yoongi

3. His AMAZING Dance Skills

He has his own segment titled “Hope on the Street”, and basically any live performance, music video, or dance practice, you see him giving it his all in the dance routines.

gif, bts, and jhope image
gif, bts, and jhope image

4. His AMAZING Voice

Fun fact: he originally auditioned to be a vocalist. His singing voice is actually really beautiful! (Just listen to “SOPE ME”) Not only his singing voice, but he is an amazing rapper too!

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5. He Hates Snakeu

It’s just so darn cute!!!!

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6. His English is Adorable

If you hear him speaking in English, aside from just “English Speaku Time”, he is just a freaking cutie! Example:

meme image
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7. His Visuals

If you guys keep calling Hoseok ugly or something, I swear to you, I will hunt you down. He is a GOD, so please respect his beauty :)

bts, jhope, and hoseok image bts, jhope, and hoseok image
s t u n n i n g

8. J-Nope

I mean, come on you guys.

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Ft. Kim Seokjin

9. He Is Caring

So f**king caring.

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10. SOPE

Suga and J-Hope are such a strong ship (even tho I love YOONMIN as well). Hoseok is probably the only person that can make Yoongi do all his weird stuff lol

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11. His Selcas

Again with him being so so so good looking, his selcas just look amazing

bts, jhope, and hoseok image kpop, hoseok, and jhope selca image
Omfg I didn’t even realize those braids... 😍

Okie guys, that’s all for today! I could go on forever, but I don’t want to bore you! Again, please please support J-Hope’s mixtape, regardless if you like kpop or not :) and I’ll see you guys next time! (Sorry this was a bit of a fangirl article, I promise it won’t be k-pop next week haha!)

~ Caylie