• Find your “good” angle
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Everyone has their good angle, for example mine is my left side. You can discover yours by looking at your angles in front of a mirror and decide which one you like the most. Once you find yours try to show it in your pictures.

  • Outfit
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The outfit is very important if you are taking a full body picture because it will be showing a lot. It is important you feel comfortable in this outfit and you like how it suits you and remember not to care of what people think, it´s your body and you decide what to do with it

  • Find a good lighting
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It could be a natural lighting or an artificial one, the important thing is that your picture can be seen with clarity in the picture

  • Find a good camera
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It is important that the camera has a high definition so the photo can be seen nice and clear

  • Look for a nice background
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Try to have a nice background but not too flashy so the attention is kept on you, and if you would like that the background is the center of attention too try to take a few steps back from the camera so you mix with the background and you will both be the center of attention

  • Use accessories if you want
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You can use rings, glasses, bracelets, purses, hats and more accessories just try to not use all of your accessories in one picture, just a few of them

  • Take pictures with your friends or your pets if you want
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Taking pictures with your best friend or your pet is a really beautiful thing, because if you keep those pictures, you´ll look at them in a few years and you will remember them, the memories you had together and your special bond with them