I’d rather anything else than feeling this way, I mean I feel like I don’t understand what the f is going on, is like I don’t want to accept the fact that we cannot be together
Believe me or not I could never hate you, I’ve tried, but deep down that’s not true, I have no idea why it has to be this way
O sea es tan extraño, yo nunca pedí esto, and there are so many reasons why I like you, and I’m not talking about anything superficial, I feel comfortable while I’m with you, in some way I feel safe, and complete, it feels as if anything else mattered, as if it’s only you and I, I can be the real me when I’m around you, I can even say that you know me better than a lot of people, and you don’t judge and accept me for who I am, I mean, besides all of the bad things that are within the story, there are good things as well
I’ve tried several times to keep my distance but I always tend to come back and it shouldn’t be that way
And as I told you before, I’ll not force anything, but what’s the point of living if we don’t take risks?, you might not be perfect, but I’m not either, I make a lot of mistakes, I’m a crazy bitch sometimes,
you say it’s because you don’t want to hurt me, and that I deserve better, but you know what? You’re already hurting me by saying that, being apart makes me sad and being tan lejos pero tan cerca also makes me sad, so who the fuck understands? What if I want you?
Why are we so fucking scared? I don’t want to lose you
I understand that you’re a mess and all of that, but what if you’re the mess that I need? We never really know
I’ve never really cared about what people tell me, that I should just push you away and let you go, I’ve been told that so many times and here I am, being the little girl you just want to protect from yourself
You’re being selfish by thinking that way, I also understand that you don’t want to depend on anybody all over again, but you’re putting yourself into a cage, and it’s not fair