Day 5 - 5 problems with social media

Social media is amazing in many ways. It allows us to communicate, create and interact with eachother. But it do has its flaws. Here is my list of 5 problems with social media.

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1. Comparison

Social media makes you start comparing yourself with others. In some ways this, of course, can be a good thing. Maybe you'll get inspired to make changes that others have made in order to reach your goals. But in most cases I think comparing your own life with someone else's is pretty poisonous, and can cause a lot of anxiety.

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2. The "perfect life" lie

Everyone chooses which parts of their lives to share on social media. And therefore it may seem like all the famous influencers (or even just your neighbor) have the most perfect lives, because that's the image they choose to show you. However, it's important to remember that that's far from the truth. The truth is that no one has a perfect life. We all have our battles to fight, and we all have our ups and downs. That's the way life is!

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3. Stress

Your self worth should not be determined by how many followers you have on instagram, or how many likes you got on your latest selfie. If you constantly feel like you have to show that you exist and get many likes, comments etc, obviously you'll get stressed. And it will threaten your self-image. I personally think this is a major issue within the younger generation.

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4. Body ideals

Social media is a contributing factor to body ideals. Ideals that tell us what kind of body we "should have" to be considered beautiful and good enough. Well, I say screw that! We are all beautiful regardless of size, the color of your skin, acne, scars, freckles, curly hair, straight hair, no hair, big lips, small lips, thigh gap, no thigh gap etc. There's no such thing as the "ideal body"! It's our differences that makes us all beautiful. It may sound like a cliché, but how fun would it really be if we all looked the same?

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5. Exposure

Even though social media is a fantastic way to get to know new people and interact with your friends, there is no way around the fact that you are exposed in a way beyond your control. There are literally trolls everywhere. So please have that in mind and be safe! And maybe most importantly, don't let children have social media.

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