Hi ! I'm Lucile, I live in Paris and I've always dreamt to have a blog. Since high school I'm following bloggers to inspire me, I've created mine in 2016 and never wrote a single article. I started another one in Nov. 2017, and signed 1 article... Tonight, it's 10pm, I'm in my flat in the city of love, writing my first article. As I need to start somewhere, I'll do a selection of what inspires me in Feb.


I've always been a neutral lover (black is my favorite color), that's why for winter 18 I love grey, white, beige and black (safe !)

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A pair of shoe or a necklace can change your outfit, yes ?

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As you can see, I'm obsessed with light and cocoon places (not really like my flat in Paris... too small)

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At last, my fav thing here : quote - especially neon quote -

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Maybe nobody will read it, but I hope in 2 years this article will make me smile :)