Hi guys! Valentine's day is gone, but I wanted to share with you how mine was.
It was the first Valentine's day for me and my boyfriend so we were very excited to celebrate our couple and the love we feel for each other.

In the afternoon after I came home from lessons at university I received a bouquet of red roses 🌹 This simple surprise made me sooooo happy. Roses are so romantic and red is my favorite color!

boyfriend, couple, and gift image

We went out for dinner at a restaurant that made a special menu for Valentine's Day, everything was so good! The chef cooked these heart-shaped green ravioli that were delicious 💚😋

beautiful, couple, and kisses image

For dessert we got straberry and eggnog with chocolate, so yummy! Perfect for Valentine's Day, so funny to eat that consistency 🤤🍓

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Then we went home, at his house and I gave him a little present with a love card I wrote for him. It was full of love words for my baby, because he's a good one, he loves me so much and deserves all my love and attention. He was very moved and happy! 😌 🎁

baby, hearts, and night image

After this emotional moment of love we spent the rest of the night cuddling watching the Lord of the rings. And that's all for my Valentine's day 2018.
It was perfect! Like every other day I spend with my boyfriend. ❤️

Hope you liked it!
Lots of love 'till next time.
Fede ✨