So it's just a little tag, because I'm very bored

I'm 14 years old

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Biggest fear
Having no fears

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Current time

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Drink you last had
Orange juice

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Easiest person to talk to
My best friends, duh

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Favourite song
Let's kill tonight By Panic! At the Disco

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beebo is so hot, shit

Grossest memory
When frog jumped on me. (I hate frogs a lot)

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In love with
A lot of celebrities

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I think that's all

Jealous Of

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Killed someone?
Not. Yet

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Longest relationship
I haven't been in a relationship.

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Middle name

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Number of siblings

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One wish
Save lifes

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Person who you last called
My grandma

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Question you're always asked
How old are you? Idk why

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Reason to smile
Other person's smile

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Song last sang
This Ain't A Scene, It's an Arms race by Fall Out Boy

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Time you woke up

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Underwear color

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Vacation Destination
Vienna, Austria (would be a third time)

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Worst habit
Trust issues

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X-rays you've had

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Your favourite food
Pizza and sushi

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Zodiac sign
Scorpio (October 26th)

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If you find relations or you are just searching for an internet friend, message me! XOXO-Auguste