Here I am again with another article and this time I´m going to write completely honest,, completely different. I´m okay, but I dont know I just have a certain vibe right now and I need to let that go. So I write and I write on here because maybe one of you guys get it, feel better.

There is something
Very wrong inside my mind
'I'm tired'
I say while trying to not burst into tears
'Have you been sleeping at all?'
I laugh
´Cause no I haven´t been sleeping, but I dont mean that kind of tired
I mean that my soul is tired, my mind is tired
Sleep can't fix that
'No, I haven´t been sleeping'
I say
But I mean it when I say that I wish that sleep could make this kind of tired go away
'My nightmares came back'
I say, cause everytime I go to sleep, my thoughts drag me into another hell
'Sorry, I shouldn't bother you, I'm okay'
I walk away
Did I really thought society would understand this kind of tired?
No absolutely not, its too much to expect
But god I'm so tired
My mind is tired
How can you fix this kind of tired?

So this was my article, if you can relate to any of this, please message me. I get it okay? I feel it too. Have a beautiful day, I appreciate you ^^

xoxo Liv