When I went through my songs, trying to rate all of them with stars from 1 to 5, I realized, that there are some songs, that are just sooo great, giving them Five Stars is barely unfair. That's why I created a playlist of my all-time-favourite-songs, called "Better Than 5 Stars".

Bonnie and Clyde - Jonathan Clay

I discovered this artist, when I searched for the soundtrack of the movie "LOL", where he sings "Heart on Fire", which is also a very, very good song. I just love his voice and the lyrics to this song are lovely, too.

Blue - Troye Sivan ft. Alex Hope

Since Troye Sivan is one of my favourite artists, a song of him just had to appear on this list. This one is my favourite one of his songs, because it really touches the soul.
Speaking of a song called "Blue", one of Halsey's song is called the same and is also AM-AZ-ING.

Can't Stand It - Nevershoutnever

This band is not popular at all and I don't like all of their songs, but some of them, like this one, First Dance or Trouble are great.

Understand - Shawn Mendes

I went to Shawn Mendes' concert and sadly, he did not play my favourite song, Understand. The lyrics of this songs are really thought-provoking. The message is wonderful.

Steven - Jake Miller

Wow. Just wow. This song seriously made me cry. Jake Miller is just a perfect artist, if you don't know him, you have to check him out, he really has talent. I could list every song of him, as they're all my favourites, but this one is really the very best, because it tells a story.

Someone to you - BANNERS

Of BANNERS, I could also list every song. That man has an amazing voice and should really be more recognised.

Wonderful Life - Hurts

Again, of Hurts I could also list a lot more songs. I don't have a favourite song of them, I love all the same, but this was their first song I know. The lyrics are telling a story and if a song can do that, I automatically love it.

Well, I tried to keep it short, I hope you made it to the end of this article and I hope that I could have given you some tips, if you were searching for some new music.

If you like this article, I'd love to do a second part, so just let me know ;)

I also wrote an article about concerts I want to go to one day, where I also introduce my favourite artists.