And it's like June now
But I love you like February

wherever I am, I’m missing you

How to keep my heart; consistency.
But you could not wait. I was so close. My heart was ready, but you had to leave and fuck the whole world right in front of my eyes. You had to keep continue lusting over every girl, cheating, flirting, spilling my love inside of every girl you see.
You are not ready for my love.
You're still a little boy that's getting ready for the world and you don't need that kinda burden.

And you do it like you like to hurt me
Is this what you need to feel better?
Is this how you act when you know we are forever?

And you can come back whenever
This the last time I will let you
I know that what I said to you last time
But you cry, I cry, we cry
We cry together

''I know I maybe wasn’t the best boyfriend
But I was ready to make the diamonds bend,

I hope one day you can forgive me
I’m going to love you till the end of my days
You just mean the most to me
I hope you see it
I hope you feel it
My angel, my love
I will love you till I’m gone.''