Heyy! Thanks for clicking in my article! It means a lot to me! Im sorry if you find english grammar mistakes, its not my first language...

I know this feeling of "just breathing" and not living, and I know that its bad. I ust to think that I would never rid of that feeling, totally hopeless of meaningful life, but after a while, I started to find stuff that would fulfill my soul, that started to make me more happy. (I still get sad sometimes but its starting to get better, don't worry lol)
But I though a article on things that you can try to make you more fulfilled would be a good idea, so here it goes!

Try a new hobby

I know it doesn't sound inspirational, but it really helped me! Try to find a hobby like surfing, painting, dancing etc...
maybe even finding a new reason to fight for, like feminism or lgbt+ community, this kind of stuff really make you feel that you're part of a change in the world.

Find a dream and work for it

It sounds cheesy, but goals are really important for us humans, they give us reasons to live. It doesn't have to be a big goal like a career, but you need a goal. It can be getting your nails longer, getting higher grades or losing weight, whatever, just find that one thing and work.for.it.
Your goal will only matter if you work for it. If you don't, it will only make you feel more frustrated about your life, but if you do put a effort into your goal the reward is gonna be soooo good! I promise ;)

Go see the world! life is hard but beautiful!

Life is indeed beautiful. You may not believe in it, but you don't have to, just see it! Trust me, try to go out, go see your city, the street artists, listen to the music, crash into parties you're not invited, have a drink, make new friends... I know you will have fun! you will find the urban beauty. Now, if you live near the nature is even better! Feel it, photograph it, draw and paint it, listen to your favorite songs...it sounds simple but it makes you feel so good if you give it a chance.
And don't worry that you don't have anyone to do those things with you, its even better when you're alone, cause you get to know yourself better.


and thats it! Thanks for reading my article and I really hope to help you to find more meaning on your life! I know im not a psychologist or anything, but I have gone through a hard time and those 3 simple stuff really helped me!
See you soon,