I know you have a dream. Big dream.
And maybe you, hard work for this, or maybe lost your motivation. I know. Sometimes work is boring and maybe you want to watch movies or play games or just sleep. But listen, you can't give up. Not now. You have to do something, you have to work. Work is boring but you have to. Dream your future, dream your new version, new job, better future...
You want to skinny? Okay, do sport. Don't eat junk food. Your body is your home. Take care of yourself. Be healty.
You want to good job? Maybe you want to CEO, or doctor, or astronaut? Okay, hard work. Don't be lazy. Future is yours. Please take care of it.
Don't forget, time is goin' on. This is bad, but time is not waiting for you. You have to f*cking do something for your dream.

xx love ya, love yourself.