here you are, five tips you should practice for feeling better. basic things, but important things.

appreciate what you have

don't think about what you want and learn to be happy with things that you've got. I'm sure, if you're reading this, you may have a lot of things good you didn't notice before!

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learn to be alone

i don't mean to force yourself to be alone, I mean, you shouldn't be afraid of it. the worst thing you could do when your alone is thinking about mistakes you made and underestimate yourself. instead of doing that, what you need to learn is to do something you really love.

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goodbye toxic relationships

the time you're not alone, you should spend it only with people who cares of you. if they don't treat you well, then they're not worthy. you need people who support you to feel better and love yourself, but it can be difficult if one of your friends keep telling you how bad you are

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reduce time on social media

social media is really cool, to be honest, but it can be bad as well. seeing other "succesful" lives may make you think you're not doing well with yours. this is comparison, and it can be very harmful. but not everything is bad, you can perfectly spend time chatting with the ones you love and really support you.

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(hello, my dear internet friends, I love you so much! ♡) (omg you can't imagine how much I love my squad)

learn from your failures

you shouldn't think how bad you did, but think how you can do it the next time. learning of what you did wrong can make you good at things! it takes time, but failure doesn't mean the end. also, you can help others with your knowledge now!

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hope you liked it ♡