1. My name (Nastasia) means "resurrection"
2. I have a phobia of butterflies
3. I eat A LOT but I somehow stay slim
4. I often zone out.
5. I am very spontaneous
6. I am not attached to a lot of things, I could leave everything behind in a blink of an eye and start a new life.
7. I often get pissed off but I rarely get very angry.
8. You don't want to be near me if I get Really angry. I will probably destroy something.
9. I often write quotes on my hands and arms with a pen.
10. I Love sad songs
11. I love visiting the countryside.
12. I would love to go to space.
13. I dance and sing in the shower.
14. I like K-pop¨among many other genres.
15. I like to keep my thoughts to myself.
16. I want to travel the world alone some day.
17. I am a hopeless dreamer.
18. People always get me wrong.
19. I am the girl who gets suddenly sad at parties and cries in the bathroom.
20. My mood changes very fast.
21. I am very friendly.
22. I am a deep thinker.

this is all that came to my mind now thanks for reading <3