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Hi everyone 💞! As you can know from the title of my new article, today I'll share with you my saturday morning routine. And only because Saturday is one day when I can be so lazy as possible I can actually do whatever I want.

1. Wake up
Soo, first of all I wake up (7/8 am) and check my instagram, write to my friends or make my favorite music on. Then I just have a shower.

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2. Coffee Something about 20 minutes later I go to the kitchen to make my delicious coffee that makes me happy for all day.
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3. Breakfast... After I drink my coffee, I can already make my breakfast. I rather eat healthy (my hobby) so it is usually oatmeal or eggs with avocado.
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4. Makeup I think this is the best part of my morning routine. I just love doing makeup. It makes me happy.
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5. Clothes I often go shopping with my friend on Saturday, so I have to chose my clothes that I would wear. I always wear anything, what makes me confident and feeling happy in my skin.

6. Done.
I think that's all. Yeah, I think I would be ready to hang out with my friends.

PS Sorry for my English, It isn't my native language. But I'm still learning. 💞hope you enjoyed it. My instagram: _weronikazawadzka. If you have any ideas for my next articles, you can write me. Love u! xoxo