Hey guys♥ in my last article I told you I'm gonna write an article about my favorite netflix shows.

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On the first place, theres American Horror Story, because I love how the seasons always have other stories but sometimes they're hanging together. I'm about to watch it the second time now and for me the 3rd and the 5th seasons were the best!
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Second is Vampire Diaries, I'm absolutley in love with the characters and how the story takes its way, there always happen things you didn't excpect...
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Third is totally Pretty Little Liars, propably the coolest criminal series what have been ever made.. And it's all in there: Drama, Love, Action, Horror
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Last but not Least is 13 Reasons Why, this is a pretty good series, but for real you need good nerves to watch it because it really goes under the skin... But it's so worth to watch it, you propably will overthink life and how you treat people.