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#1 Julia Michaels - Heaven

''They say all good boys go to heaven
But bad boys bring heaven to you''

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#2 Bishop Briggs - Never Tear Us Apart

''Oh, I told you
That we could fly
'Cause we all have wings
But some of us don't know why''

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#3 Black Atlass - Sacrfice

''Yeah, we could call it love, or we could call it nothing
But you got what I want, so baby, give me something''

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#4 Kiana Ledé - Big Spender

''Big baller, boujee shot caller
No f**k boys allowed in my aura''

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#5 Samantha Gongol - Pearls

''And I am caught up in you, caught in me
As we slide all the way down
And I've been caught up in you, caught in me
As we're pearls to the ground
So take a breath and look at me now''

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#6 Dua Lipa, Whethan - High

''Don't want to pay attention
To the writing on the wall
Painted with aggression
And dripping when you call''

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#7 Jessie J - I Got You (I Feel Good)

''Wow, I feel nice, like sugar and spice
I feel nice, baby, like sugar and spice''

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#8 Sabrina Claudio - Cross Your Mind (Spanish Ver.)

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''¿Tú de verdad piensas en mí?
Cuando te toca y te besa así, no me puedes mentir
Dime, sólo dime''

#9 Shungudzo - Come on Back

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''In the neon night, all that's on my mind is what's on your mind
Do you miss my bite? Are you all alone, is it dinnertime?
In the neon night''

#10 Sia - Deer in Headlights

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''I'm falling apart
And I can't take anymore
Standing at the crossroads
There's no right answer
No one's brain to pick
Under the spy
There's no escaping, I'm a deer caught in headlights''

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