1 | English

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Ok this one is obvious. Since I was a little kid everyone told me: If you want to be successful you need to learn English and boy were they right. English is without doubt the language that I'm most confident in. I started learning it when I was 12 (back then I used to google pictures of London every day and look through them for hours) and now I'm studying it at university. I still remember the first time I visited London and I legitimately started crying on the plane home haha. I love classical English Literature and Cultural Studies and I want to move to the UK one day.

2 | German

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German is a rather difficult language to learn. At least I think so because, even though it's the language I grew up with, I always struggled a bit at school. Also there are millions of different dialects and accents and they all sound like completely different languages. What I really like about German / Austrian towns: They look exactly like you would imagine places from fairytales.

3 | Latin

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Definitely a very interesting language, even though it's sad it isn't spoken today anymore. For most universities in Europe it's a compulsory language, so I had no other choice but to study Latin. I can translate a lot from Latin, yet I don't know how one would pronounce the words correctly. Still, for a history nerd like me it's a lovely language and the best thing ever is visiting ancient Rome and actually being able to read what's engraved into the ruins that were once an Empire.

4 | Japanese

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I only recently started to learn Japanese and I have to say it's amazing. I love it. I wanted to understand anime in it's original language and I want to be able to read manga in Japanese. Also their culture fascinates me a lot and the language itself sounds so wonderful. It's so melodic and for sure one of the most beautiful languages that exist.

5 | French

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Starting at 14, French was for me really difficult to learn. I constantly kept comparing it to English and German and it made no sense to me. A few years ago I slowly started to realise that it has completely it's own rules and these were the reason why it sounded so strange to me. After accepting this fact, it somehow made "click" in my brain and learning grammar or vocab from then on was the easiest thing ever. I even took it for my A-levels and I'm so proud now that I could improve my French skills in the last years.

That's all :) If you speak any of these languages or if you are interested in their cultures make sure to dm me so we can talk ^^
Have a great day everyone!

Thank you! Dankeschön! Gratias tibi ago! ありがとうございます! Merci!