Hi guys,
Just wanted to share with you a wonderful poem I accidentally found.
It's written by an amazing artist called Ioana Cristina Casapu.
The cover photo is also her doing.
You really need to read this!

Dear men who try to change me,
I will not
Quit smoking
I will not
Eat less
Wear heels more often
Or cut my hair
I will not take drugs
With you
And have unprotected sex
Because my body
Is the only monument
I have left.

Dear father,
I will not
Stop wearing second hand dresses
To interviews
And life changing job meetings
I will not
Stop putting black lipstick on
Or cut my nails
I will not
Let you shame me
Because my heart is brittle with
From the years you lived next to me
In absence.

Dear mother,
I will not clean my room more often
I will not wear pijamas to bed
I will not change my friends
Stop making tattoos on my skin
Or come back home
I will not let you take me down
In anger
Because I was born a different person than you
And you taught me to confuse
Agression for affection
To seek the impossible love
In men
And chase dust and abandon.

Dear lovers,
I will not
Write poems about you
When you ask me to pour my soul
To please your ego
Because I will not change
Who I am
For anybody else
Than me.