this is low key me trying to express myself but anyways enjoy

Style -

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, black, and grunge image fashion, grunge, and style image girl, asian, and fashion image
vintage/dark colors with an unique style


anime, beige, and sunset image aesthetic, flowers, and soft image art, aesthetic, and kiss image yellow, art, and aesthetic image
Creamy/pastels and reds

Food -

fruit, food, and red image food, strawberry, and milk image pasta image cheese, Chicken, and food image
anything with berries or italian foods

Personality -

gif, simpsons, and bart image quotes, grunge, and aesthetic image anime and red image life, yellow, and grunge image
im an anxiety induced loner thats in love :/


edward scissorhands, johnny depp, and movie image Willy Wonka and johnny depp image The Breakfast Club, quotes, and movie image tv show image
edward scissorhands, charlie and the chocolate factory, the breakfast club, alice in wonderland

Tv shows-

monica geller and rachel green image Image removed american horror story and ahs cult image will smith image
friends, the office, american horror story, fresh prince of bel air


book, fandom, and shadowhunters image book, percy jackson, and rick riordan image divergent image newt, thomas, and book image
immortal instruments, percy jackson, divergent, the maze runner


jin, v, and jungkook image twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, and josh dun image indie, rock, and the hunna image le, jeonghwa, and hyerin image
bts, twenty one pilots, the hunna, exid


travel, camera, and map image polaroid, camera, and vintage image art, beautiful, and lviv image city, town, and nature image
photography and traveling