hey, cute hooman, here i am with another list of indie music. this one is pretty chill, for moments like starring at the night sky or your celling before sleeptime. idk, you decide. shall we?

tom rosenthal

tom is a youtube singer and songwriter. he often posts videos with new tracks and with his daughters (they're sooo cute omg). his voice is very unique and the sounds he creates just make you feel very relaxed, meaningful lyrics are must.

listen, music, and top image tom rosenthal image
• for you to be here
• going to be wonderful
• middle of my mind
bonus: it's ok, go solo, super 8
keaton henson

this man is a god of writing, deeply emotional and slow tunes are part of his art. with his elegant bohemian (idk how it is possible, but he makes it work, ok?) looks and a constant appearance of suffering from the matters of love and mind issues, keaton leaves a strong mark with his voice and lyrics.

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• sweetheart, what have you done to our love
• lying to you
• you
bonus: about sophie, epilogue
jt royster

jt is also an independent singer and songwriter. you can find his works on youtube, soundcloud or bandcamp. only voice and guitar make a very harmonic presence. oh my god, he's my favorite!

american, artist, and indie image american, artist, and indie image
• i will form
• when i look in your eyes
• easily
bonus: treez, back when

i couldn't fins anything about him, seriously. but his music, omg. it is mainly synthesized with rythmic beats and a soft voice. the kind of music you would listen in a roadtrip or a very aesthetic video. he really deserves recognisement.

aesthetic, independent, and musician image aesthetic, independent, and musician image
• blues
• summer sunday
• tabels and chairs
bonus: woods and trails

an icelandic band that creates experimental music characterized by soft vocals, electronic glitch beats and effects and a variety of traditional and unconventional instruments. some of their song are pretty heavy and sad and others are like rays of sunshine in your skin.

artist, indie, and english image artist, indie, and english image
• we have a map of the piano
• k-half noise
• finally we are no one
bonus: green grass of tunel, the ballad of the broken birdie

that's a wrap! i truly hope you listen to them and like their music as much as i do <3 thank you for reading, see ya!