Hey guys, just wanted to share with you some good songs by my muse Jhene Aiko <3 (Part 1)

#1 The Worst

''And although it hurts I know
I just can't keep runnin' away''

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#2 The Pressure

''Stay and listen, you will find
Everything, ain't rocket science
Every gem is not a diamond''

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#3 From Time (ft Drake)

''Cause I love me, I love me enough for the both of us''

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#4 You Are Here

''Don't play with my love, messing with my heart
That's gonna be tough for you to pull off
Gave me a new start, taking it too far
It's gonna be hard if you really aren't
Who you say that you are''

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#5 Moments

''Right now I need you here on me
No substitutes, you're the one and only''

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#6 Psilocybin

''Right place, right time
Right mind, right now
Right direction
By your side''

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#7 Overstimulated

“If my heart goes out right now This goes out to you”

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#8 Blue Dream

''Don't wake me up 'cause I'm in love with all that you are
You make me see the truth in things, I think that you are
The remedy for everything it seems that you are
The truth itself because nothing else can take me so far''

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#9 While We're Young

''I'm giving you my heart, please don't break it
Take it and lock it up and put me in your pocket, love
Alright, right by your side''

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#10 Eternal Sunshine

''Is is strange for me to say that
If I were to die today
There's not a thing I would change
I've lived well
Maybe I have made mistakes and been through my fair share of pain
But all in all, it's been okay, I've lived well''

Image by Irene