hiya! This is my first blog and I have absolutely no idea what to write about. I've wanted to write for the longest time but I have no inspiration or motivation for a full length book or even chapters. I always have the best ideas and they usually come to me as daydreams or regular dreams and I always get out my notebook to plan or open up a new book on Wattpad but in the end, I never finish the plan or get to the book or chapter. So I decided to do something that's just me and not an idea. Hopefully, this will stop making writing feel like a chore and more like fun. I have super bad spelling and I sometimes miss out grammar but I got Grammarly so I'm covered in that aspect. But I'm really worried about is what to write about. My arm is hurting right now but that's not important. I don't have any great hobbies except editing photos (fan stuff) and netball and unfortunately I am not an expert at any of these things but if you wanna know anything, let me know!

I have also realised I have no sense of paragraphs but hopefully you won't get bored reading my stuff! I'm going to be back pretty soon so keep a look out!
Q ; favourite thing to write about?
A ; yet to be discovered.