we all feel sad sometimes, some people more than others.

sometimes, the sadness feeling overwhelms you so much that you just want to disappear from the face of Earth - even if it was just for a few seconds.

these tips won't necessarily make you feel like you're on top of the world immediately, it's just a few ways to help you go through this game called life.


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now, this is one of the tips that you will see everywhere you search. music is a powerful thing that helps heal one's soul. yes, it sounds very clichè but its true.

listening to music won't make you feel happy immediately. sometimes, to feel better or more accomplished, you'll have to shed a few tears, the more the better.

for me, I listen to the sound of nature to make me feel at peace. remember, this is not sponsored in any way

in the "Genres & Moods" section of the app Spotify, you'll see "sleep", tap on that and choose your sound of nature. my favorite is the night rain probably because the sound of rain makes me feel calm.

your notebook

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this will definitely help you with brain dumping and write or drawing out things to help keep your mind off of things. sometimes I take my notebook out - not to draw but to scribble out some nasty words or scribble out a big mess to take out the frustration off of my mind.

you don't have to be talented to draw or write if it helps you then that's already a huge step forward to feeling much more better.

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I like to make a planner or journal just to make myself feel a little more sorted out, this works if you have a lot planned during a year or even if you just want to feel a bit more organized.

alone time

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whether you're a introvert, extrovert or a ambivert, you'll always need some time for yourself to charge your social battery. I'm an ambivert but I lean more to the introvert side, so I often have to make some time for myself.

if you're too afraid to cancel out on plans to have some time to yourself, think of it as a day to treat your mind and health, your friends will understand.

  • introvert - someone who gets energized by staying at home
  • extrovert - someone who is socially outgoing and loves meeting new people
  • ambivert - someone who has a balance of introvert and extrovert features

your hobby!

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this may come off as surprising because you'll feel as if your hobbies don't matter to you as much as they did before, but it's actually one of the ways to make you feel more alive.

your sadness feeds off of your stress and disorder so doing what you loved before might actually help you feel better.

your hobby doesn't have to be something physical, it can be as simple as singing a song, or watching your favorite TV show!