so, this is me.
a mess.

full of ideas i dont even know if i like, full of these emotions i cant identificate, full of different opinions, full of untold questions.

who am i?
who even knows?

does anybody even know who they are anymore?
does anybody even have a clue about who they are? i dont mean what is their personality type, their history, what they like. but who they trully are.
and do we even get to know that by ourselves? dont we need someone to tell us?

what do i even want to do in future? do i want to do what my mother wants me to so i dont dissapoint her? do i want to go in different direction? what is the best for me? what would suite me? how do i figure it out?

what do i think? do i think what is safe to think or do i think what i really think? i dont even make sense anymore.
whats my opinion on this and this? do i want to share my opinion? is it personal? is something affecting me so i think this?

what do i feel? is it love? is it a crush? do you really looking at me or do i only feel your eyes glued to me because i want them to be glued to me? do i really know anything about you? do i trust you? do you trust me?

what am i supposed to do? do i want to be here? i am scared. i am scared of my own thoughts sometimes. this is not the person i want to be. or is it? is it even who i truly am?


i dont know.
who does?

i am a mess.
who isnt?

i dont care.
or do i?

its okay.
is it?

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