Love, love, love... Isn't it all what people are talking about these days? All people crave and dream, fantasize about?

It seems like people seem to hurry to fall in love these days. Everyone's going out every weekend, searching for a new lover. But are they searching for a partner, for a best friend? Or just for someone who will buy them flowers and cholocate candies for Valentine's day?

When people stopped caring about the feelings, the trust and the strong bond between them and their partner, and replaced them for a stranger who they can pretend they're in love with? When did "love" became a cliché word, when did being in a relationship started making you "cool" and "nice to hang out with"?

And when did we as women lose our self-respect only to fit in society and to have someone cuddling us at night. Don't get me wrong, cuddles are great, but why would you ever give someone that you don't really know the opportunity to have you naked under him? Why would you ever sell your body for a couple of kisses and a "sorry, I don't like you anymore" breakup message on WhatsApp.

Don't you want a friend who will listen to you and care for you instead? Don't you want someone who smiles at the sound of your laugh and knows every line of your favorite movie? Don't you want someone who won't pretend, but actually love you?

It's easy to need someone and to throw yourself on going to dates and clubs to find him. But have you ever asked yourself what would it be to be self-enough? To be happy on your own and to spend more me-time instead of going to your stranger-lover's favorite place even thought you don't like it?

Love... The word should drip lazily from our tongues, followed by a sigh of a hopeless girl who is really falling in love and not just jumping straight to the bottom of the ocean before she learned how to swim.

So next time you see your partner, just ask yourself "Am I really in love with this person or am I just pretending to be in love with him because I need him".