hello I found this tag and I found it super cool so I decided to share with you my answers if you are also a fan of Ed do not hesitate ^^

Let's go !!

When did you start to listen to ed ?

since i discovered his first album with youtube.

Favorite song from Plus ?

The A team.

Favorite song from Multiply ?

Thinking out loud and I see fire.

Favorite song from Divide ?

Perfect and what do i know.

Favorite things about Ed ?

he is a simply personnel and generous with his fan. he have always a smile.

First song that you liked ?

She come from "The hobbit" and it's I see fire.

Have you ever dreamed of him ?

Yes omg he was singing in my wedding.

Do you ship sweeran ?


Do you like Cherry ?

Sooo cute i love her relationship that is so cute and so romantics. She's a lucky girl.

Have you ever been to an ed's concert ?

Not yet but I can not wait to go there one day

So fan of Ed ^^