Hey guys! I'm just back from a trip to Rome and I decided to write about it.

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I had a really good time there, I loved the food, the culture and all the street musician! If you travel to Rome, have in mind that it's very busy and some places might be too crowded such as Fontana di Trevi (especially on Fridays and weekends).

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expectation vs. reality. You better visit it in the weekdays during the early hours

Also the queues are sooo long, but there are also tour guides that you can pay and skip the line and the bonus is that you'll learn a lot about the history and the culture. (I paid 30euros for the colosseum and the forum; and 40 euros for the Vatican museum, the sistine chapel and st. Peter Basilica).

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The city is pretty cheap, so you don't need much money, except for the tour guides. Another thing is if you sit in a coffee you'll pay more for it. I noticed that Italians eat their breakfast and drink their coffee on the go, which is cheaper, because you don't give money for the sitting and making mess. Don't forget to try the lasagne, this is my favourite food right now and also the tiramisu!

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If you really want to explore the city and know it better put on your comfy shoes and go for a walk in the tiny streets. They are so cute and great for photos!

If you have one more day, you should definitely go to Tivoli (it is 30km from Rome, you can take the train) and visit some of the gorgeous renaissance villas. I went to villa d'Este and it was so beautiful.

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Hope my article was helpful. Have a great day! ❤️