Just discovered this hashtag and loved it.
I decided to tell you something about me and if you think we connect please don't hesitate and send me a postcard or a message.

Bebe here, from italy. I turned 19 last september and now i'm studying engineering at the university (that's why i'm always too busy to post anything on whi).

I love...

Inspiring Image on We Heart It green, nature, and tropical image flowers, rose, and pink image travel, city, and amsterdam image
to travel: i can speak italian, english, french and spanish and everytime i can i love to visit new places and cities. I am an adventurer.
flowers, sky, and pink image bird, winter, and snow image cat, animal, and kitten image fish, fishes, and strange image
nature: i absolutely love the world we live in, dont u find it beautiful? im really thankful for my life.
nasa, blue, and space image art, planets, and saturn image stars, mountains, and sky image amazing, astronomy, and beautiful image
the outer space: I said I'm an adventurer, didnt I? well the biggest adventure for me would be exploring the space and being capable of undestanding the laws that rule the universe.
book, light, and library image book, aesthetic, and vintage image book, books, and poem image book, sea, and beach image
to read: those who don't read only live one life.
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by ✵ Nairi ✵ dog, pose, and summer image dog, girl, and animal image
puppies: loook how cuute they are. i know in another life i was a corgi :3
Image by cinderelamodernizada food, healthy, and breakfast image food, drink, and burger image food, tacos, and delicious image
food: literally the love of my life, forever.
bleach, anime, and Ichigo image dustin, Ghostbusters, and Halloween image Image by larksings black mirror image
tv series: my fav is game of thrones even if now i'm really into animes and mangas as well, such as attack on titan or bleach.
exercise, fitness, and girl image quotes, life, and motivation image fitness, workout, and gym image body, fit, and fitness image
keep-fit: i think this is one of the most important things that u can do for yourself. we really need to work hard to take care of ourselves and feel good.
drink, party, and night image party, beer, and alcohol image alcohol, drink, and party image tequila, lemon, and party image
parties: no description needed.
music image arctic monkeys, grunge, and music image book, music, and vintage image guitar, music, and bed image
music: last but not list. the only thing capable of making me feel better when i'm down and happy to be alive.

This was me in a few words. Just wanted to have fun and make new friends. Hope i didnt bore you and that someone of you will contact me to get to know me better, so that i could know someting about you too.

stay positive and have fun,
sending love to u'all,