This is a pretty weird and embarrassing article about myself but it's easier to write about yourself than to speak about yourself i guess. I think that most people can do these things but hey... here goes nothing!

1. Swim

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Yep. I can't swim. I think most people can do this but well... i can't. I mean if you put a float around me than hell yeah but if you just pushed me into a pool i would probably just drown. I LOVE the beach but the deepest I've ever gotten in it is probably knee height. So yeah, I've never been to a pool party and now you know why. :)

2. Ride a bike

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seriously, when is someone going to invent a tricycle?!

OMG!! YOU CAN'T RIDE A BIKE?! Well I mean I've tried... like a billion times but I can't do it. You know in the movies how the kid is riding a bike and their like don't let go of me and then their parents do; if that happened to me I would probably just die then and there on the spot because that's how terrible I am. At least I can ride a scooter, right?!

3. Roller skate&Ice skate

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I guess this isn't THAT embarrassing because it's not like i'm going to enter some competitive skating competition like Dancing on Ice but it would be really cool to actually know how to skate. I once went to a roller skating party and literally spent the whole time holding onto the wall like my life depended on it and my friends convinced me to actually TRY roller skating and when i left the wall i did the splits AND I CAN'T DO THE SPLITS!! My hamstrings still ache to this day...

4. Whistle

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Enjoy these relatable posts because i have no picture ideas for whistling:)

Well this isn't that embarrassing because i'm pretty sure that most people can't whistle but I mean it will become pretty handy in life. It seems that everyone except for myself can whistle and when I try it's an absolute FAIL.

5. Blow a bubble with gum

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You're probably realising that this list is getting pretty ridiculous but I can't in fact blow a bubble with gum. Maybe my mouth hates me or maybe it's just IMPOSSIBLE! I have tried more than a trillion times but by now i have realised that i can't do anything lol.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this incredibly strange article about myself:) You have probably realised by now that i can't do anything or maybe you can relate? (haha probably not) Yep, all of this IS true and INCREDIBLY embarrassing! Share with friends and family i guess?! I hope you enjoyed this crazy weird article and maybe had a bit of a laugh! Please get it to 50 likes for another article perhaps like this lol!