My flatmate's alarm rings. I look at the time projected on the ceiling by my laser clock.
Curiously the thing that bothers me the most is that her alarm is always two minutes early.
I turn around and get trapped in the duvet.
I start wriggling to free myself and I bang my head on the wall.
The TARDIS poster doesn't soften the blow in any way. I trusted you, Doctor.
I half fall asleep, half faint.
I am woken up from my comatose state every 30 minutes by M's alarm.
I wonder... what kind of person sets her alarm three hours before she needs to wake up and why can't she lower the volume so I don't suffer a mini heart attack every time?
At 6:35 I dream that the house is on fire and die a painful death trying to save my laptop.
I wake up to the smell of smoke coming from the kitchen and the sound of clashing dishes.
M is cooking and smoking the first (I guess) cigarette of the day.
After a while she goes back to her room and the apartment is silent once again.
At 7:05 the orthodox church in front of my room decides to play a gleeful tune with its bells that lasts for around 10 minutes.
F, my other flatmate, makes a run for the bathroom, but M hears him and this suddenly becomes a race.
I am reminded I need to go too, but I am in no mood for a fistfight.
"I have to go to work!" yells M in her weird Polish accent.
"I am naked in here!" it's F's reply. His accent is less thick.
"Just put something on and let me in."
"I got in here first."
"But I need..."
My nightmares are filled with images of F's naked body even if I've never seen it.
After some more yelling F gives up and M seizes the bathroom.
I can hear F pacing up and down the corridor singing along his playlist of Albanian hits.
It's 7:12.
Finally, F can take a shower in peace.
M smokes some more cigarettes and the currents fly the smoke in my room.
I bury my head under the pillows, where the noise and the smoke reach me without problems.
At 7:20 M rushes out of the door, slamming it behind her and making my heart skip several beats.
F takes an eternity to shower. M always says he's worse than a woman.
The neighbours' dog (probably a gigantic hound)* decides to run around in the room directly above mine.
Some kids somewhere scream they don't want to go to school and some exhausted parents somewhere scream louder to overpower them.
There's some more bell music coming from the church.
It's 7:31.
F starts practicing for his upcoming exam. He plays the violin.
The day begins.

*I later learnt it's a chihuahua.