This little text is for girls who try to be eagerly seen, even if they have to be someone else to make it happen.


Sometimes I wanted to be a cloud.
I stand up there, watching everything and everyone.
Let them say when you look at me, how cute I am.
And that I'm sweet as a huge cotton candy.
They try to reach me, but they can not.
For I am not what it seems.
They ran their hand through me and it just runs through.
They do not touch me, even though I still crave it.

But ... What if I could not be a cloud?
I myself have afraid of height
Ah ... I know.

It could be a rose.
The others would hug me and say how handsome I am.
That they smell me and say how good my perfume is.
But anyway.
My thorns would hurt people.
Making them stand apart and see other beautiful flowers.

Nehh ... This is not what I want

A cute bee? No, my sting would hurt them.
And a butterfly? Your life is short.
A book? What if they wrote in me?
Hm ...
Oh, I know.

I want to be myself.
Do what you want.
To have my unique look.
I can be all that these things are too.
And sometimes dangerous.
Yes ... It's what I want to be.


Be you, girl (or boy, of course).