I really hate it when people ask me what kind of job I want when Im older! I just have no idea, well.. Of course I know a little bit of who I want to be and what I want to do, but I just think it's really scary for me to do it! But today I'm going to shear a few of my dream jobs!

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I love to write, I love making articles and writing my own stories! One of my BIGGEST dream is to publish a book! This idea also makes me scary because I have no idea If i can write that good! But it will be amazing to shear my book(s) with the world!

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Making travel videos

I really love Youtubers as Ollie Ritchie and Eric Convor who travel the whole wide world and make amazing videos and pictures of it! I love to travel and when I'm older I really want to make a world trip! I would love to film all that!

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Something with Instagram

I love Instagram and I have already a Instagram account with 7,100 follower, wich Im really proud of! I want to keep posting pictures and inspire people, I also think its a great app to meet new people, discover new things and be inspired!

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I love Fashion and follow trends even tough I always wear basic outfits! When its weekend or vacation I always style myself different and the way I want! I love fashion, and I have may different styles I like!!

Things I like:

Cooking, reading, writing, making photos/videos, music, fashion, traveling, modeling, acting, inspire people!