Hello Mistakes
This day of this challenge i should write about my 5 blessings, so here they are.

1. Parents - they are my biggest blessing from all of them. Nicely strict but totally loving, even if we dont show our feelings in our family, they always care about me the best possible way. They rised me right and i will be forever thankful for that and i hope that one day i will be able to care about them the way they care about me.

2. Brother - I have one older brother and he is the best brother i could ever imagine. He's a reason why am i this weirdo. Computer and video games, anime, manga, sci-fi movies, comics, harder music and much more. Also he's been my guardian angel my whole childhood and he still is. I love when we spend time together, we usually cook, eat or play video games together. He show me his favorite songs at the moment and i show them mine. He usually criticize them, but i still love him.

3. Friends - I dont know if its my luck or what, but i have constantly around me circle of loving and great people. From kindergarden, the neighborhood, elemantary school, high school, university, dance group and friends from social media. And i'm grateful for eveyone of them, because they are kind, supporting and they have my back in every bad part of my life.

4. Health - the fact that i'm healthy human being is the greatest fact about me.

5. Education! Being able to study what i want is great and i'll hope that everyone in a world will have this chance in a near future, because now not everyone has this opportunity.

Thank you for this and everything in my life.
XOXO Mistakes