Hello everyone, this is my very first article on WHI, I hope you like it.

We sometimes, feel tired, then we feel like to get back to work to achieve our goals, so we need to get ready and organized as soon as possible. So here is how we can get ready in 2 days.

1st day:
*Organize your room, you'll feel more comfortable, start with your bed, change your sheets, tidy up your desk, reorganize your woredrobe and make sure all your room is clean.
* Plan for a new routine, we always get tired of routines, w hate them and we always want to break them.
*Back up your phone, your laptop, your tablet and make sure all your information are safe and you won't loose them.

2nd day:
*Bring a pen and a paper, then write everything you weren't happy for, how you want it to be, and ways to improve yourself in.
*Plan for the next week and make a list of what you're going to wear at least for the next 3 days.
*Have a "me time" ,take a hot bath, relax, meditate, apply hair and face masks, take your time to do whatever you want.
*Get rid of every negative person or energy that surrounds you.

3rd day:
Have a fresh restart and good luck.

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