1/ Get straight A's

study, school, and books image study, note, and school image study, school, and book image study, school, and desk image
i want to get better at school and by saying school I mean math

2/ find true love

love, kiss, and couple image tumblr and love image Mature image
couple, kiss, and love image
context_page=12&context_type=user&context_username=yasmine_chan_1 I already found it but I wish he found me too

3/ Cut my hair short

fashion, girl, and model image girl, hair, and short hair image girls image alternative, beauty, and girl image
one of my true wishes

4/ Get to know who's my true crush

boy, aesthetic, and alternative image boy, asian, and ulzzang image black, cigarette, and girl image kiss, love, and quotes image
the boy with red converse or the boy with raven eyes or the girl with the cool jacket

5/ Finish writing my poetry book

book image quotes, poetry, and aura image hugo cabret image moon, phrases, and quote image

6/ start working out !

belly, girl, and legs image black and white, faith, and family image black and white, girl girly girls, and body goals fit image Mature image

7/ get better at my art

beautiful, france, and peaceful image art, room, and aesthetic image art, artist, and drawing image art and painting image

8/ send a letter to a random address

black and white image black and white image diet coke, mentos, and photography image letters, vintage, and Letter image

9/ learn to play guitar

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9/ start a journal

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It bullet and journal image

10/ be happy

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and it's the most important thing !