Hey guys♥
I'm often bored at the evening and I thought maybe so are you. So I'll tell you what I do on evenings often :)

food, pizza, and delicious image
Mostly I cook something for dinner... Or just put a pizza in the oven haha
netflix, article, and series image
I love to watch Netflix all night long, especially some series (I'm going to write an article about what series an movies I love to watch)
tattoo, frank iero, and playstation image
I often play video games on evenings, for example Life Is Strange or League of Legends
journal, book, and diary image
Before I go to sleep I always write the happenings of the day in my diary
book, fastfood, and drink image
Then I check my social media again and keep my snapchat streaks on
girl, rose, and love image
At last I finally go to sleep.. I just love sleeping

Hope you enjoyed this article, and now you're less bored at evenings♥