I am complaining again #2

I don't know how to be casual while being in front of a camera. Especially when I am supposed to talk something right out of my head. Also giving presentations in front of the class is horrifying.
So I went to google and searched for tips to be more comfortable in front of a camera:

1. Be chill, don't think about the camera and think about how you would talk about the thing to your own friend.

2. Drink water before the act. I don't know how it helps, but thats what I found.

3. Be aware of the tics that you do when you are nervous. If you tend to touch your hair when you are under pressure, just hold your hands together and focus on what you are saying.

4. Do not go for perfect. It is much more interesting when you just be yourself and don't act like a robot.

5. Think about your words beforehand so that you won't completely freeze. But don't memorize it word for word.

6. This is important, wear clothes that don't show your sweat stains. That would definitely give out the fact that you are terrified.

7. Just believe in yourself, focus and don't ramble. Speak clearly and loud enough. And once its over, you can be very proud of yourself.