Ok, this article may sound strange and maybe you're asking to yourselves "why should I listen to italian music since I don't understand italian?".
To answer this question the only thing you can do is to listen to these artists and their songs. For each artist I'll recommend two songs and I'll add a little description.
(you can find the translation of most of these songs, if not, you can ask me to translate them for you)

Let's start!

Luigi Tenco

He was a songwriter, an actor, a poet and a composer at the same time. He committed suicide in 1967 in a hotel room in Sanremo during the Festival della canzone italiana.

luigi tenco image luigi tenco image

• Mi sono innamorato di te
• Quando

Fabrizio De André

He was a songwriter born in Genoa. His songs tell stories of outcasts, rebels and prostitutes and are considered real poems. He was kidnapped with his girlfriend, Dori Ghezzi, but was later released. He died in 1999 from a lung cancer.

Image by ℳelanie Image by ℳelanie

• Il testamento
• Hotel Supramonte

Riccardo Cocciante

He is an italian songwriter, composer and musician born in Saigon. His first album, Anima, is arranged by the famous Ennio Morricone and contains his first real success: the song Bella senz'anima.

Image by ℳelanie Image by ℳelanie

• Margherita
• Celeste nostalgia

Lucio Dalla

He was born in Bologna in 1943 and died in 2012. He played the piano, the sax and the clarinet. Some of his songs were translated in many languages since he's famous even outside Italy.

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• Piazza Grande
• Cara

Lucio Battisti

Throughout his career he has sold over 25 million records and is considered one of the biggest songwriters of all time. During his career he was accused of being a fascist sympathizer and was often criticized for his non-exalted vocal talents.
Some of his albums have also been published in spanish, english, german and french, sung by Battisti himself. He died in 1998 maybe from liver lymphoma.

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• Mi ritorni in mente
• La canzone del sole

I hope you'll listen to them and let them know if you liked them.
On Spotify you can find the whole discography of all of these artists, except for Battisti if I remember well.
I also reccomend you to listen to Negramaro (songs: Solo3min, Tutto qui accade) and Cesare Cremonini.

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Hope you liked this article, bye bye ❤