Hi guys!!
I want my first article to be about Harry Potter because I'm obsessed with HP!

  • Which house do you belong to?


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  • What is your patronus?


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  • Who is your favourite female character?

Luna Lovegood

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  • Who is your favourite male character(s)?

Fred and George Weasley

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  • Who is the female character that you hate the most?

Dolores Umbrige

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  • Who is the male character that you hate the most?

Dudley Dursley

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What. An. Idiot.
  • Part that made you cry :

Fred Weasley's death

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  • Wand, Stone, Cloack:


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Mine is Beech wood with a Dragon heartstring core 11 ¾" and brittle flexibility
  • What is your favourite subject?


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  • A spell you would do in real life?

Legilimency (mind reading)

  • Your position in Quiddich?

I dont' play Quiddich.

I saw this in @creepyphantom articles.

Thanks for reading!