Hello Hearters,

Sometimes you feel unmotivated and bored. There are many things you can do so you can feel better. This is my list of things you can do when you feel bored.

• First you can clean up your apartment and organize your stuff( your closet, your desk etc.) so you can have clean space.

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• Working out is always a good idea. Do your work out routine (yoga, cardio etc.) and you feel so much better instantly!

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• After cleaning your space you can cook for yourself your favorite meal, or try a new recipe you have find online

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• When your meal is ready you can sit and enjoy it while watching your favorite movie or tv series.

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• Another thing you can do is light up your candles, read your book while listening to chill music.

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• You can also take a hot bath, put a face mask and a hair mask on, do your nails and treat yourself with a spa day.

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This is my list of things I do when I’m bored and unmotivated. I hope it will give you some ideas of what you can do when you feel the same way.

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