Dear Almost Boyfriend,
You were a huge part of my life. I really liked you, maybe even loved you since I was 14 until I was 18. 4 years of hoping you'd be the one. Although things didn't work out, I always wish you the best. I can't wait to see you succeed in life, you have so many goals and I am rooting for you. We just never were meant to be because timing was never on our side. You never meant to hurt me, I know that. But we both know you did hurt me. We never dated but it sure felt like it. I would be always at the sidelines cheering you on and you would always be at the sidelines for me cheering me on. You were my almost boyfriend. We spent so much time laughing and just enjoying life together. The memories we created, I'll never forget. Thank you for everything. Thank you for every laugh, thank you for standing by my side, thank you for always supporting my dreams, thank you for caring about me regardless on what terms we were in. Time does actually heal all wounds and maybe timing was never on our side because I was meant to be with someone else. Maybe the person I was suppose to end up having a happily ever after wasn't you.

Never Officially Yours