Wow. I'm guessing this is easier than writing it down but warning...expect a lot of pictures.
xoxo Babe


Image by Dani ♡♡ fashion, girl, and outfit image adidas, outfit, and white image shoes, red, and heels image fashion, girl, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image
There are more but i decided to limit it down to 6 pictures.


girl, fashion, and adidas image car, blue, and ferrari image luxury image Image by Lika g°¶
Rose gold,blue,black and purple


game of thrones, arya stark, and quotes image Image by Starry Image removed animal, animals, and forest image


pitch perfect, fat amy, and funny image Mature image love, peace, and lgbt image bitch, please, and im famous image
Totally extra,sarcastic,LGBTQ+/feminist and popular


food, nourriture, and yumii image Harry Styles, harry, and one direction image ballet, black, and Kendall image act, red, and aesthetic image Image removed art, colors, and paint image wattpad, book, and story image applications, youtube, and réseaux sociaux image black, image, and photographie image aesthetic, ddlg, and girly image
Food,singing,dancing,acting,makeup,art,wattpad , every other social media i have, photography and everything ddlg related


food, pizza, and yummy image food, strawberry, and cake image chocolate, Cookies, and food image food, burger, and fries image Chicken, fried, and fries image fruit, food, and raspberry image
pizza, cheesecake,anything chocolate,burger king,kfc and fruits

Tv shows

13 reasons why, clay jensen, and quotes image Image removed teen wolf, stiles, and alpha image bitten, great, and werewolf image gif, Supergirl, and melissa benoist image Supergirl, the flash, and barry allen image millie bobby brown, stranger things, and eleven image lucifer and tom ellis image
13 reasons why,pretty little liars,teen wolf,bitten,supergirl,flash,stranger things and lucifer


halsey, grunge, and sad image friends, cookie monster, and cookie image fitness, fit, and pain image teen, quotes, and teenager image


Image by arzu boys and zayn malik image halsey and rainbow image Image by marcenai <3, ed, and singer image eminem, gif, and slim shady image arctic monkeys, alex turner, and music image the nbhd, the neighbourhood, and jesse rutherford image band, music, and get scared image v, kim seokjin, and jeon jungkook image
1d,ZAYN,Halsey,Melanie Martinez, Ed Sheeran,Eminem,Arctic Monkey,the neighbourhood,get Scared,BTS

I'm guessing that's about it, i have more but i'm to lazy to add the rest
xoxo Babe